For the past decade, Georgina Duckworth has followed an international career path in the non-profit sector. After successfully executing London’s largest outdoor art exhibition and raising over £5M for Elephant Family, a non-profit focused on the conservation of the Asian elephant, she then moved to New York and in a short time achieved a new fundraising benchmark, raising the profile of Friends of Australian Wildlife Conservancy, a US-based, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Australia’s threatened wildlife. In 2016 Georgina joined the American Australian Association and has recently promoted to the position, Director of Business and Arts. Georgina is a strong leader with outstanding interpersonal skills to secure committed corporate support and the loyalty of stakeholders. Her strengths lie in her ability to strategize and problem solve, working with her team and external agencies. She is well qualified for her work having completed a Bachelor of International Business from Flinders University in South Australia with Distinctions in Commerce and International Marketing.