Debbie, as COO of the American Australian Association, oversees fundraising and development for the Association’s Education and Veterans’ Funds and management of the annual Benefit Dinner and the ANZAC Day and Veterans’ Lunch; with additional management responsibility for regional office and operations. In her current role she successfully managed and executed the largest and most profitable event in the Association’s distinguished 70-year history, hosting the President of the United States and Prime Minister of Australia and generating a record breaking $3.3 million in fundraising revenue.

Debbie joined the Association in 2008, and prior to assuming her current COO role in early 2017, served as Director of Corporate and Government Affairs. In her previous role, Debbie had primary responsibility for corporate membership and business program development, as well as fundraising for the annual Australia Day Black Tie Gala.

Prior to joining the Association in New York, Debbie lived and worked in Australia and the Russian Federation, holding positions in the offices of senior Australian Cabinet Ministers, including the Federal Treasurer and the Minister for Foreign Affairs. She also worked as a consultant with Austrade in Moscow.