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 Dinner for the Rt. Hon. Dr. H.V. Evatt, New York, 1949

About Us


The American Australian Association was established by Sir Keith Murdoch in New York City in 1948 to promote cooperation and understanding between the United States and Australia.  For nearly 70 years, it has provided an important forum for exchange between political and business leaders across the United States and Australia.  Every Australian Prime Minister who has served since 1950, government ministers, and the chief executives of leading companies across the United States and Australia have been among the many individuals hosted by the Association.  In addition, the Association has distributed over $8 million to over 300 graduate students and 500 artists in the last decade alone.

The Association has a long and impressive history of serving the relationship between the United States and Australia and our corporate membership includes many of the most prominent commercial and financial institutions engaged in business between the United States and Australia.

With a long history of shared cooperation and security interests, Australia has participated alongside the United States in every military conflict in the last 100 years. Australia is a reliable ally, security partner and friend of the United States.  Such cooperation supports joint efforts against terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Australia supports the continued commitment of the United States to the Asia-Pacific. 

The Association is headquartered in New York City and has small regional operations in Los Angeles and Boston.  It is closely affiliated with the American Australian Association Ltd, in Sydney, the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, and the Perth US Asia Centre at the University of Western Australia. 


The American Australian Association's purpose is to broaden, strengthen and encourage ties across the Pacific through corporate, educational, economic, artistic and cultural activities and people to people exchange.

The Association provides an important policy forum in the United States for Australian government and business leaders to meet with their government counterparts and senior corporate executives with interests in these regions.


Immediately following WWII, Sir Keith Murdoch knew that Australia’s relationship to America would be important for the future, and so on June 3, 1948, he organized the American Australian Association (AAA) in New York City.  This predates the creation of the ANZAC Treaty and makes the AAA the oldest charitable organization dedicated to strengthening and enhancing the relationship between America and Australia.

Thanks to his vision, the AAA has contributed over $8 million benefitting over 500 artists and 300 graduate students who have traveled to each other’s country to pursue their education and learn about the values and culture of their “best mates.”  

Strategic Plan

The American Australian Association is supported by four strong pillars that stand upon the foundation of friendship our soldiers forged in every major military engagement since WWI and the values they died to defend: Democracy, free markets, human rights and the rule of law. 

Pillar One: Business, Innovation and Policy

This pillar reminds us to have a laser focus on economic growth, by nurturing the innovative spirit deep within both our countries and advancing the quality of life for Americans and Australians.  Our Business Council is made up of senior leaders who seek to foster active dialogue, encourage innovation, improve trade and support growth on both sides of the Pacific.  And our policy forums help more people appreciate the depth and breadth of our relationship, from astrophysics to medical research and from the Outback to the Yukon and Pluto and beyond! 

Pillar Two: Graduate Educational Exchanges

With over 300 Scholars and $8 million invested to date, we are committed to helping advance graduate education to advance our countries’ ability to unlock new solutions to challenges as well as improving the quality of life for our citizens.  We are focused on encouraging more STEM graduates, as well as the medical, journalism and biology and land management leaders of tomorrow and are seeking matching partners to double the impact of our work.

Pillar Three: Veterans' Scholarships

To celebrate the 100 years of Mateship where our troops have fought side by side in every major military engagement since WWI, we are helping our soldiers to pick up new books after they take off the uniform by funding scholarships for any accredited level of study while they also get the chance to live in their best mates homeland.  Launched by the President and Prime Minister aboard the Intrepid on the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea, this program will help our veterans by investing in their education and honoring them for their service.  

Pillar Four: Arts Grant Program

We are very proud of the over 500 artists – from craftspeople and fashion designers to playwrights and opera singers, that we have offered a helping hand at the early phase of their careers.  We are dedicated to doubling our effort every year for each of the next three years!        

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American Australian Association

50 Broadway, Suite 2003

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Telephone I (212) 338-6860

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