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Announcing 2018 American Australian Association Scholars

Monday, July 23, 2018  
Posted by: Rollette Lusanta
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 The American Australian Association is delighted to announce the appointment of the 2018 Australia to USA Scholars in the fields of science, engineering, sustainability, medicine, journalism and arts.                         

  Chevron Scholar - Suleiman Alhadidi

University of Melbourne/Harvard University


Suleiman's doctoral research at Harvard University focuses on adaptive smart buildings. Being a multidisciplinary advocate of architecture, computation and engineering, he aims to build transformable facade systems using soft robotic technologies. By utilizing machine learning techniques, the research would allow end-users personalize their buildings and create more sustainable built environment.

  Northrop Grumman Scholar - Viha Parekh

 Univeristy of Queensland/Purdue University

Aeronautical Engineering

Viha is an aerospace professional with experience spanning commercial, defense and academic organizations. She has received multiple awards for her work. At Purdue University, she will undertake study and research in space systems engineering, and on return plans to contribute to the growth and long-term sustainability of Australia’s emergent space industry.




  Qantas Scholar - Nicole Lake

University of Melbourne/Yale University


Nicole is a geneticist researching genetic causes of disease. She received a PhD in genetics from the University of Melbourne in 2018. As a post-doctoral researcher at Yale University, she will investigate the cause of disease in children with serious genetic conditions who remain undiagnosed.




  University of Queensland Scholar - Cara Nolan

 University of Queensland/University of California, Berkeley


Cara is passionate about improving the sustainability and effectiveness of policies and programs aimed at ending poverty and complex disadvantage in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, by enabling better use of research, evidence and evaluation. By undertaking a Master of Development Practice at the University of California Berkeley, Cara’s study and research will focus on impact evaluation in communities facing complex disadvantage; tools of policy influence and research translation; and sustainable development in First Nations' contexts.




  Sir Keith Murdoch Scholar - Katherine Cummins

University of Melbourne/University of Pennsylvania


Katherine is a Melbourne-trained haematologist who joined the University of Pennsylvania in 2017 to study immune-based cellular therapies for leukemia and other blood cancers. She will return to Australia in 2020 to further develop cellular therapies, aided by the knowledge, expertise and collaborative relationships she establishes while completing her Ph.D. in the US. 





    Sir Keith Murdoch Scholar - Arnab Ghosh

University of Melbourne/Weill Cornell Research Center


Dr. Ghosh is a practicing doctor and health economist who has worked in global health at the United Nations and management consulting. His research focuses on evaluating federal and state healthcare policy to determine long-term consequences on health and economic outcomes at a population level.






  Sir Keith Murdoch Scholar - Gavin Knott

University of Western Australia/University of California, Berkeley

Biomedical Science

Gavin is a structural biologist and biochemist who received his PhD from UWA Perth before commencing a postdoctoral position at UC Berkeley where he is researching the molecular mechanisms of CRISPR-Cas systems. He is interested in developing CRISPR-based tools as precise and inexpensive technologies for nucleic acid manipulation and clinical diagnostics.





  Sir Keith Murdoch Scholar - Adam Lee

University of Sydney/University of California,San Francisco


Adam is a Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellow researching the role of frequent premature abnormal heart beats (ventricular ectopy) in human heart failure. The goal of Adam’s research is to characterize the underlying mechanisms and predictors of EMC which may ultimately lead to novel treatment options for this important yet underappreciated form of heart failure.





  Sir Keith Murdoch Scholar - Timothy O'Shea

Queensland University of Technology/University of California, Los Angeles

Neurology + Biomedical Science

Tim is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in neurobiology at UCLA. He holds a PhD in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics from the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research interests are in applying engineered biomaterials and biomolecular tools to the study of spinal cord injury repair.





  Sir Keith Murdoch Scholar - Daniel Pederick 

University of Adelaide/Stanford University


Dan's research focuses on the mechanics that control brain circuit assembly and how disruption of these processes lead to brain disorders. Understanding how these circuits are formed during development may lead to the generation of improved therapies.





  Sir Keith Murdoch Scholar - Kathryn Potts

University of Melbourne/Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Kathryn is a developmental haematologist. Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) is a blood disorder driven by hematopoietic stem cell defects and MDS can evolve into leukemia. Currently there are no known cures for MDS. Kathryn’s research will use genetic and in vivo drug-screening capabilities unique to zebrafish to investigate the causative mechanism of MDS and identify potential new therapies for MDS treatment.





  David Charles Nason Journalism Scholar - Isabella Farr

New York University, Shanghai/Columbia University


Isabella is pursuing a graduate education in journalism. According to her, a great journalist understands their audience, uses new technologies, and understands how to communicate in an era of instantaneous and ubiquitous information. She wants to use storytelling to help people – whether it be by telling their stories or helping them understand events.





  AusArt Scholar - Caroline Garcia

 University of Technology Sydney/Parsons School of Design

Visual Art

Caroline is an interdisciplinary artist, working across live performance and video through a hybridized aesthetic of cross-cultural dance, ritual practice, new media, and the sampling of popular culture and colonial imagery.





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