Mischa Ipp
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Mischa Ipp

Dame Joan Sutherland Fund recipient, Actor

Mischa’s first love is acting, but alongside this she has a passion for creating film and theatre and making a difference. Mischa is represented by Robb Entertainment in New York and is a resident actor at Rainsworth Productions. She recently graduated from the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, has a Bachelor of Arts Degree, has acted in tragedies, pantomimes, musicals, dramas and comedies in Perth, Australia and New York and has won/been nominated for a few awards for her film and theatre work including Best Actress for “The Debt” at the PAC Screen Awards and Best Film nomination for “The Debt” at the WA Screen Awards. She launched a film company with Stevie Cruz-Martin in 2007 called 7 Centaur Productions and worked with Georgia and Alexis to establish Little y Theatre Company in 2010. She has been involved in over 25 film projects, with her roles varying between Actor, Director, Editor, Producer and Cinematographer and over 30 theatre shows with her primary role being Actor, but most recently including Producer, Writer, Deviser and Dramaturg.

Mischa is passionate about making a difference in the area of education and the arts specifically, and to the underprivileged in general. She wants to tell stories that are as entertaining as they are educational and inspiring. In New York Mischa has volunteered at the Stella Adler Outreach program working with inner city, underprivileged youth. In Perth she has produced and directed films that look at topics such as what it’s like to be a refugee and making theatre with disabled actors; taught young people drama, empathy skills and self confidence for 4 years; and started Advanced Acting Sessions in Perth which has currently given around twenty directors work and emerging actors the opportunity to act in five productions while offering regular training. Mischa looks forward to continuing her efforts to make a difference throughout her life.


Who are you as an artist?
I am an actor and producer specifically interested in high quality art that increases empathy and kindness. As an actor my work varies between theatre, film, comedy, drama, tragedy, farce, musicals, Shakespeare and physical theatre. I have played the rich heiress, the angry drug addict, the seductress/femme fatale, the awkward shy girl and a pirate - amongst others. Little y Theatre Company is a company I founded with Georgia King and Alexis Davis and it is our mission to create dynamic and honest theatre that resonates with, inspires and cultivates a gen y audience by exploring the question... y? Little y Film is a new department in the company.
What prompted you to come to the US?
I discovered a school called the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in NYC and everything clicked into place. I knew that is where I needed to be and I did everything in my power to make it happen.
What did your course/project involve?
The project that the American Australian Association supported me in was a play that I produced and acted in called The Office of Dead Letters by Heloise Wilson. We presented it at the New York International Fringe Festival in 2013.
What were the highlights of your experience?
The highlights of the experience were finding some incredible artists that I got to collaborate with, producing my first play in New York City and having the opportunity to be in a play directly after graduating from the Stella Adler Studio of Acting.
Where did you find inspiration? 
I found inspiration from the very talented Heloise Wilson's writing, her father Eric Cormier's composition, our designer Niluka Hotaling's vision, the actors' enthusiasm and hard work and the incredible NYC theatre scene that surrounds me.
What will you take away from this experience?
I have a lot of pride in having achieved and succeeded in producing and acting in a play in NYC directly after graduating from acting school; I learned an insurmountable amount about producing in NYC; and I expanded my contacts. 
What are you currently working on?
I am currently acting in a remarkable award winning new play called O Walter, My Walter by Elena Zucker, am cast to do a Voice Over for an online video game called Blue Planet - War In Heaven and am writing and producing a series called Then That Happened that I will act in too.
What is your vision for the future?
I am a pretty big dreamer. I envision continuing to act in and produce work that has a global reach, is of award winning quality and puts me in a position to be able to transform education and the arts around the world through donations, activism and being a voice for minorities and the underprivileged.
What advice would you give other artists aspiring to come to the US?
If you want it badly enough trust that you'll make it happen. You might get countless "no's" (as did I), but don't forget to notice the countless "yes's" too. Don't give up. Smile and be kind to those around you. Have integrity: Say what you do and do what you say. Make good work. Trust your gut.
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