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Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow  
Julie Bednarski
University of Massachusetts/Macquarie University
Research interest: Evolutionary Biology and Entomology
Julie has developed a behavioral methodology to compare visual perception among several genera of jumping spiders where each group employs fundamentally different predatory strategies. This collaboration will contribute to the understanding of the evolutionary patterns of visual perception and visually mediated predation in this system.

Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow  
Sarah Cooper
Brown University/ University of Sydney
Research interest: Nanotechnology

Sarah is working on a PhD through the Physics department at the University of Sydney in conjunction with NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, CA to develop a bio-driven power source for medical implants such as pacemakers that could eliminate the need for battery replacement. The biothermal battery is enabled by nano-engineered thermoelectric superlattice thin films which generate power from the small temperature gradient between the body's skin and core with no moving parts and no chemical reservoirs.

Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow  
Dr. Brendan Roark
Stanford University/Australian National University
Research interest: Paleoceanography
Brendan's research is focused on proxy development in deep-sea corals. Deep-sea corals are a new and unique paleoceanographic archive that can extend our observations of ocean physics and climate into the relatively unexplored ocean interior. Their lifespan (up to 2700 years old) enables the examination of time periods from the present to well before the onset of instrumental records. Brendan has been using submersibles to recover deep-sea corals from the Pacific Ocean.

Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Benjamin Walther
Woods Hole/ University of Adelaide
Research interest: Oceanography

Benjamin's research has focused on the migratory patterns of American shad in coastal marine habitats using natural chemical tags recorded in the ear bones, or otoliths, of fish. At the University of Adelaide he will examine links between habitat use, migration patterns, and population connectivity using novel interdisciplinary techniques including tissue stable isotope and carbonate geochemical analyses.
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