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Dr. Gillian Gregory
University of New South Wales/Harvard Medical School
Research interests: Huntington's disease

Dr Gregory's postdoctoral research focuses on Huntington's disease, a debilitating genetic neurodegenerative disorder. She is investigating the underlying mechanism of region specific cell loss seen in HD, a common pathological phenotype in many neurodegenerative diseases.

Charlene Lobo
Australian National University/State University of New York
Research interests: Materials Engineering

Charline will undertake independent research in the development of a new technique for depositing nanostructures and metallic nano-wires on insulating substrates at the College of Nano-scale Science and Engineering, State Universityof New York.


Joanne Muller
James Cook University/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Research interests: Oceanography

Joanne's research focuses on geochemical paleo-climatic reconstructions. Joanne's work at WHOI will focus on the past dynamics of the Indonesian Flow Through, using an innovative radiogenic isotope technique.

Elizabeth Murchison
University of Melbourne/Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Research interests: Biology & Genetics

Elizabeth's research surrounds molecular biology, genetics research and education. She is completing her doctoral thesis on the role of RNA interference (RNAi) in regulating gene expression during development.

Tri Giang Phan
University of Sydney/University of California San Francisco Medical Center
Research interests: Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology.

Tri's research will investigate the regulatory factors that determine the trafficking of B cells in the course of an immune response and how this determines whether the body develops healthy immunity against infection or succumbs to the infectious organism.

Dr. Marshall Wilkinson
Macquarie University/University of Kentucky
Research interests: Geology

Dr. Wilkinsons research will concentrate soil formation, landscape evolution and vegetation dynamics. He quantifies soil formation and assesses soil sustainability by utilizing two new dating techniques-optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) and terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides (TCN) to compare soil dynamics. He hopes these comparisons will lead to ideas on restoring the productivity of degraded soils in both Australia and the United States.

2006 Macquarie Stanford Graduate School of Business Fellow

Andrew Sypkes
University of Tasmania/Stanford School of Business
Research interests:
Commerce and applied finance including private investment deal structuring and venture capital.

2006 Merck Company Foundation Fellow

Dr. Celia Chen
Flinders University/Wilmer Eye Institute John Hopkins University School of Medicine
Research interests: Ophthalmology

Dr. Chen will investigate Non-Arteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy which is a form of stroke involving the eye. She is developing a primate model in view of assessing neuroprotectants and acute management of this condition. Dr Chen has numerous peer review publications.

2006 Dow Chemical Company Foundation Fellow

Louise Berben
University of New South Wales/MIT
Research interests: Synthetic chemistryand physical inorganic chemistry

Louise will conduct research aiming to develop new synthetic methods to transition metal acetylide complexes and multinuclear, mixed-valent ruthenium clusters. At MIT, Louise will work on developing photo-catalysts for producing hydrogen and oxygen from water.

2006 Qantas Airways Fellow

Michael Robinson
Australian National University/University of Chicago Graduate School of Business
Research interests: Demographics

Michaels research will investigate economic and population demographics in Indigenous communities. His research will draw on his statistical expertise, and aims to evaluate and develop the statistical sophistication of management accounting decision-making tools.
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