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Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Paul Giacomin
Adelaide University/University of Pennsylvania
Research interest: Biomedical Science and Physiology
Paul’s research focus is to understand how the immune system controls infections. In particular, how immune cells can be stimulated to kill parasites in the early stages of infection, assisted by proteins of the blood complement system.

Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Amanda Hutchinson
University of Adelaide/University of Colorado
Research interest: Psychology: Neuropsychology.
How left brain/right brain work separately and together to complete everyday tasks. Amanda’s research is focused on examining problems that may contribute to the cognitive functioning of people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults. 

Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow  
Christine Lu
University of New South Wales/Harvard Medical School
Research interest: Biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical policy evaluation.
Christine is researching the nexus between public policy and the safe and effective use of medicines. Christine’s current research examines the effects of a prior authorization
policy on medicines use and outcomes among diabetes patients. 

Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow  
Peter Moyle
University of Queensland/Rockefeller University
Research interest: Pharmacy and Medicinal Chemistry.
Investigating the role that histone protein modifications play in the regulation of gene functioning.
Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow  
Theresa Puthussery
University of Melbourne/Neurological Sciences Institute
Research interest: Medicine - Visual Neuroscience.
In particular, the study of retinal photoreceptor diseases and developing drug therapies aimed at preventing conditions causing blindness.
Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow  
Andrew Zalesky
University of Melbourne/Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research interest: Telecommunications and network engineering
the use of computational and numerical methods to solve issues in telecommunications networking and medical imaging. Andrew is developing tracking algorithms to chart the intricate network of neural fibre tracts in the human brain using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI’s).

Macquarie Group - Stanford Graduate School of Business Fellow
Spencer Maughan
University of Melbourne/Stanford University
Research interest: Biotechnology, genetics and business
Spencer’s research in genetics uncovered a novel group of plant genes that are also found in malaria parasites. Spencer’s insights into the malaria drug resistance pathway paved the way for an entirely new class of anti-malarials to be tested as novel therapeutics. Spencer’s MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business will maintain his focus on the science and biotechnology sector as a business driver for the advancement of society.

Merck Company Foundation Fellow
Dr Simon Corrie
University of Queensland/University of Washington
Research interest: Chemistry
Developing medical diagnostic devices using nanotechnology. Focusing on the development of a clinically applicable test for early cancer detection based on novel nanotechnology.

Dow Chemical Company Foundation Fellow
Deanna D’Alessandro
James Cook University/University of California
Research interest: Physical Inorganic Chemistry
Deanna is studying novel materials with applications in hydrogen storage and catalysis in order to advance research into alternative energy sources.

Alcoa Foundation Fellow
Nicholas Aberle
University of Melbourne/Yale University
Research interest: Chemical Biology
Building on earlier research on chemical synthesis and cell biology, Nicholas is now focusing on synthesizing and determining the mechanism of action of a potent immunosuppressant natural product.

Qantas Airways Fellow
Anna Dart
University of Queensland/Tufts University, Boston
Research interest: International security and terrorism
Research will focus on intelligence led national security policy development and a study of methodologies for obtaining security intelligence from inside Diaspora communities.
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