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Macquarie Group - Stanford Graduate School of Business Fellow
Nishant D’Souza
Curtin University of Technology
/ The Stanford Graduate School of Business
Research Interest: Management of alternative energy businesses
Nishant undertakes his MBA with the goal of laying the strategic foundation for embarking on a leading role in the global movement to develop and implement economical, sustainable alternative solutions for tackling global energy problems.
Merck Company Foundation Fellow
David Liuwantara
The University of New South Wales / University of California Los Angeles
Research Interest: Immunology (Diabetes)
David is researching therapeutic cures for type-1 and type-2 diabetes. The overall goal of his studies it to test the hypothesis that insulin resistance in diabetes is in part due to impaired insulin secretion. His research focuses on the transition from the non diabetic to diabetic state, to reveal strategies to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.
Alcoa Foundation Fellow
Paul Stanwix
The University of Western Australia / Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Research Interest: Precision measurement and metrology
Paul is investigating a novel approach to magnetic field sensing using diamond. He plans to develop a new technology that will be able to optically detect and image tiny magnetic fields with unparalleled resolution, with important applications in areas such as the characterization of magnetic materials and studies of the function of individual neurons.
Dow Chemical Company Foundation Fellow
Benjamin Fraser
Monash University / The Scripps Research Institute
Research Interest: Synthetic chemistry
Benjamin will conduct research into the new field of ‘on water’ accelerated chemical reactions – a recent discovery that certain chemical reactions are up to 300,000 times faster when performed without toxic solvents, but in the presence of plain water. His research has wide applications for process chemistry and drug development.
Qantas Airways Fellow
Benjamin Ford
Curtin University / The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy
Research Interest: International business relations - emerging markets & investment
Ben’s research will concentrate on sovereign and country risk issues, with a research thesis theme of Sub-Saharan Africa’s recent economic renaissance, and how stable government and conflict reduction have contributed to better economic performance. A crucial part of his research will be an assessment of the likely durability of these improvements and the risk factors entailed.
Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Cristy Gelling
The University of New South Wales / University of Pittsburgh
Research Interest: Genetics & biochemistry
Cristy will perform research on the pathiobiology of an inherited protein deficiency which can lead to liver disease. Her work will target potential candidates for genetic modifiers of liver disease risk as well as valuable information on the cells intrinsic defenses against proteins which characterize Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s disease.
Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Jacqueline Thomas
The University of New South Wales / University of Cincinnati
Research Interest: Microbiology (water quality)
Jacqueline’s research concentrates on water quality, specifically related to water-borne microbial pathogens. Her research aims to characterize unknown amoebae diversity in US drinking water and explore uptake and release of microbial pathogens. She will also investigate the ability of bacterial pathogens to re-grow within amoebae in recycled water systems.
Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Joshua Cantone
University of Adelaide / University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Research Interest: Water resources engineering
Joshua will be conducting research into water resource engineering, particularly how storm water infrastructure reacts in differing climactic conditions. He is developing a model for the simulation of urban storm water systems which will have applications in solving global water resource problems.
Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Morgan Pratchett
James Cook University / Nova Southeastern University
Research Interest: Marine science (ecology of coral reef systems)
Morgan’s research seeks to investigate and predict changes in the structure of coral reef communities affected by increasingly severe global climate change. He will conduct critical research on thermal sensitivities and bleaching susceptibilities of different reef corals with a view to predicting what coral reef ecosystems will look like in the future.
Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Susannah Tye
Macquarie University / The Mayo Clinic
Research Interest: Electrochemistry, neuroscience and medicine
Susannah’s previous research used electrochemical monitoring techniques to determine how stress hormones and high frequency stimulation modulate dopamine release in the brain. Her research at the Mayo Clinic will investigate the biological mechanism of action of deep brain stimulation and contribute to the development of an electrochemical probe for use in human neurosurgery.
Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Luke Connal
Melbourne University / University of California & University of Washington
Research Interest: Nanotechnology
Luke research focus is on nanomaterials and polymer chemistry. He is currently researching methods to prepare nanoparticles for biomedical applications, particularly their potential in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applications.
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