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Alcoa Foundation Fellow
Daniel Khong
University of Melbourne / MIT Sloan School of Management
Research Interest: Business Leadership – Sustainable urban development policy 
Daniel specializes in innovative public-private delivery of urban development.  Daniel will investigate mechanisms to enable better urban development – covering innovation in governance, regulation, infrastructure provision and business practice. 
Amgen Fellow
Amy Chung
University of Melbourne / Ragon Institute of MIT, Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital
Research Interest: Medicine – Immunology
Amy will pursue her post-doctoral research at the Ragon Insitute of MIT, Harvard, and MGH. Amy will investigate an important immune response against HIV, conducting the most comprehensive analysis to date of ADCC responses after vaccination.  Data from these experiments will be used to develop future vaccine protocols and vaccine design.
Dow Chemical Company Fellow
Peter Macreadie
University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) / University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Research Interest: Environmental Sustainability – Adaptive coastal management
Peter’s post-doctoral research is aimed at understanding factors of ecological resilience and the capacity of ecosystems to cope with disturbance.  Using coastal seagrass as a model system, Peter will run experiments to specifically investigate the importance of coastal food webs in maintaining seagrass resilience.
Morgan Stanley Pediatrics Fellow
Elizabeth Newnham
University of Western Australia (UWA) / Harvard University
Research Interest: Pediatrics – Trauma

Elizabeth’s post-doctoral training at Harvard’s School of Public Health will help determine the factors that mediate psychological distress following exposure to violent trauma among children.  Elizabeth’s goal is to identify risk factors.  The findings will inform the development and implementation of evidence-based interventions for children affected by trauma.
Merck Company Foundation Fellow 
Karen Gregory
Monash University / Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Research Interest: Molecular Biology – Neuropharmacology
Karen’s post-doctoral research at Vanderbilt University Medical Center will focus on an important class of receptors to develop therapies for numerous psychiatric and neurologic disorders.  She is investigating the receptors to advance drug discovery efforts. 
Neurological Fellow
Bronwyn Graham
University of New South Wales / Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
Research Interest: Behavioral Neuroscience – Modeling of fear and anxiety
Bronwyn’s post-doctoral training at Harvard Medical School and MGH provides insight into the gender imbalance in anxiety disorders.  Bronwyn will investigate the effect of estrogen on brain regions involved in fear.  Using functional MRI, Bronwyn will determine the effect of estrogen on the neural circuitry of fear.
Qantas Fellow
Vanessa Kelly
Monash University / Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
Research Interest: Respiratory physiology - Asthma
Vanessa, in collaboration with experts at Harvard and MGH, will aim to develop a non-invasive measure of airway stiffness – a currently untreatable process in asthma.  The development of such testing will enable airway remodeling, monitoring of asthmatic patients, and will also be useful in pharmaceutical trials of new airway remodeling therapies.
Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Justin Boddey
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research/Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Research Interest: Cell Biology - Malaria-liver cell interactions
Justin will continue his post-doctoral research at the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Insitute focusing on the life cycle of malaria parisites.  Justin will specifically look at the process of Plasmodium Export Element (PEXEL) in erythrocytes, a human cell type.  Justin’s work will establish paradigms about malaria protein trafficking and liver cell remodeling and may lead to a new area of liver-stage research.
Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Allan Gamble
University of Wollongong / Stanford University
Research Interest: Chemistry – Multidrug resistance in cancer

Allan will continue his post-doctoral research at Stanford University.  Allan’s research will involve a new approach to overcome multidrug resistance (MDR) in cancer, one of the major causes of chemotherapy failure.  This represents a new direction in the treatment of MDR cancer and could extend to other MDR pathogens such as malaria and tuberculosis.
Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Renjing Liu
Children’s Hospital - Westmead, New South Wales / Yale Stem Cell Center
Research Interest: Regenerative Medicine – Neurodegenerative disorders
Renjing will pursue post-doctoral research at the Yale Stem Cell Center. Renjing's research will focus on induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, which are generated from skin fibroblasts, and tailored for each individual.  Results from Renjing’s study will bring us closer to developing therapies for degenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and address whether these cells can truly be used to replace embryonic stem cells as the “gold standard” for cell therapies.
Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Kenneth Pang
University of Melbourne / Harvard University
Research Interest: Medicine – Genetics

Kenneth is undertaking post-doctoral research at Harvard University, where he is focusing on a newly identified gene, known as SidT2.  This gene is present in many diverse species, suggesting that it has an important biological role.  Kenneth will investigate the function of SidT2 during mammalian development, especially its role in early life and brain function.
Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Jane Seto
University of Sydney / University of Washington
Research Interest: Skeletal muscle biology – mouse model phenotyping

Jane will pursue post-doctoral research at the University of Washington’s Department of Neurology.  Jane will explore the benefits of synergistic gene delivery aimed at restoring muscle mass and normal dystrophin in older, diseased skeletal muscle.  A defect in the dystrophin gene leads to Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a progressive degenerative muscle disease that affects one in 3500 boys.  Jane’s goal is to develop and apply gene therapy research in muscle disease.
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