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The 2012 Alcoa Foundation Fellow  

Michael Puckett
University of Sydney/Yale University
Research Interest: Sustainability

Michael was an engineering consultant at Arup, focusing on the development of sustainability strategies. He will continue to pursue this interest at Yale where the focus of his study is a holistic approach to corporate sustainability which looks beyond “hard” engineering solutions to behavioral and other “soft” effects and incorporates fields including energy engineering, environmental management and behavioral economics.

The 2012 Amgen Fellow

Natalie Spillman
Australian National University / University of Washington in St. Louis
Research Interest: Biochemistry

Natalie’s postdoctoral research will investigate the roles of novel proteins that the malaria parasite exports to the host red blood cell upon infection. This will increase our understanding of this nefarious organism, and by understanding the biological pathways on which the malaria parasite relies to survive, these might be targeted by new-generation antimalarial drugs.

The 2012 Ausart Fellowship
Caitlin Breare 
University of Melbourne/ New York University 
Research Interest: Art Conservation
Caitlin is pursuing a Master’s in the conservation of paintings at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. Her study involves using technical analyses in combination with historical research to help understand materials and techniques of artists and inform treatment decisions for artworks, as well as practical training in various treatment methods. Her specific interests include the parallels between 19th century American and Australian painters’ techniques, and the relation between visual perception and conservation theory/practice.

The 2012 Chevron Fellow
Ryan Edwards
University of Adelaide/ Princeton University
Research Interest: Geoscience

Ryan’s research at Princeton will analyze hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in the context of shale gas production and its potential impacts on groundwater resources and potential storage sites for carbon dioxide. A range of analytical and computational models will be developed and applied to typical shale gas operations in the United States in order to better understand the potential impacts and help guide how they can be monitored and managed.


The 2012 ConocoPhillips Fellow

Sarah Ryan
Monash University/ University of Michigan
Research Interest: Chemistry

Sarah’s postdoctoral research at the University of Michigan will focus on the activation of carbon‑hydrogen bonds. The development of a reliable method for the conversion of simple bulk chemicals to functionalized materials will be explored. This would allow better utilization of natural and renewable resources, and permit access to an environmentally friendly fuel alternative.

The 2012 Dow Chemical Company Fellow

Tony Aitchison
University of South Australia/ Michigan State University
Research Interest: Material Sciences
Tony will be conducting research in material sciences at the Michigan State University. He will work on common lithium ion batteries using carbon based electrolytes. Using silicon based plastics, a new form of electrolyte will be investigated that can withstand higher temperatures and operate at lower temperatures.
The 2012 Baillie Family Fellowship
Maria Wang 
University of Sydney/ Stanford University 
Research Interest: Sustainability
Maria will attend the Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she has initiated a social enterprise idea that will be developed and pitched to a panel of investors.Maria is interested in working toward sustainably improving quality of life for women living in extreme poverty through social enterprise.
The 2012 Merck Company Foundation Fellow
Maryam Jahanshahi
University of Melbourne / Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Research Interest: Tumor Biology/breast cancer

Maryam’s doctoral studies at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine will focus on developing a pilot drug screen using a fruit fly cancer model of the recently-discovered and widely mutated Hippo Tumor Suppressor Pathway. Instead of aiming to ‘”correct” for cancer-promoting mutations, Maryam will exploit the “addiction” of the tumor-like tissue to particular genes or cellular processes as a therapeutic strategy. Maryam has held a Young Investigator Award from the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

The 2012 Morgan Stanley Pediatrics Fellowship
Stanley Artap
Victor Chang Cardiac Research InstituteBeth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Research Interest: Pediatrics

Stanley's project will investigate endothelial cell differentiation to understand the origin of cardiovascular disease.Cardiovascular disease  remains the leading cause of death in the Australian community, and congenital heart disease is the biggest killer of Australian children.

The 2012 Neurological Fellow
Nicholas Blair
University of Sydney/ Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard University
Research Interest:  Neuroscience 

Nick’s doctoral research at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard University will use induced pluripotent stem cells derived from skin samples of patients with Parkinson’s disease to investigate the neurodegenerative processes occurring in the disease. The research will focus on methods to differentiate these stem cells to the type of neurons affected in Parkinson’s disease and to further characterise the dysfunctional cellular pathways, with the aim of identifying approaches to correct these defects.

The 2012 Pratt Fellowship
Julia Fetherston
University of Sydney / Harvard University Kennedy School of Government
Research interest: Public Policy                                                                         
Julia's masters research will investigate methods to improve the quality of public policy interventions while reducing the overall cost to government. Through the use of behavioural economics, she hopes to develop and test ways to design and build sophisticated markets, agencies and corporations. The objective is to help governments deliver better quality government services with fewer resources, particularly in the fields of social welfare, education and health.
The 2012 QANTAS Airlines Fellow

Elizabeth Mason

University of New South Wales / University of California, Berkeley

Research Interest: Clinical Pyschology
Elizabeth will do her post doctoral research at  University of California, Berkeley, on a novel treatment program for adolescents with sleep disturbances, investigating the processes underlying insomnia and its relationship to emotional and physical health. 
The 2012 University of Queensland Fellowship
Caroline O'Brien 
University of Queensland/ Harvard-MIT Biomedical Engineering Center
Research Interest: Biomedical Engineering

Caroline’s postdoctoral research at the Harvard-MIT Biomedical Engineering Center, will employ a state of the art computational framework to demonstrate that near-wall blood flow is a measurable predictor of clinical outcome in endovascular interventions, and in doing so lay the foundation for powerful predictive and integrative models of individual clinical outcomes following stent implantation.

The 2012 Westfield Fellow

Ligaya Maceda
University of Philippines / Columbia University
Research Interest: Architecture
Aya is currently taking her Masters in Advanced Architectural Design, a post professional program at Columbia University. She received her degree in Architecture from the University of the Philippines where she graduated with honours and was awarded the Excellence in Thesis prize that led her to a design scholarship in Singapore for two years. 

The 2012 Australia to US Sir Keith Murdoch Fellows

Sean Murphy
Monash Institute for Regenerative Medicine / Wake Forest School of Medicine
Research Interest: Biomedical Engineering

Sean is undertaking post-doctoral research at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, North Carolina. Under the mentorship of Dr. Anthony Atala, he is directing an innovative and clinically relevant research program that aims to develop a fetal stem cell therapy to restore lung function and improve quality of life for patients with cystic fibrosis. Sean’s research is supported by the American Lung Association and the Chapman Foundation. 
Megan Brewer
University of Sydney/ University of Michigan
Research Interest: Science
Megan will employ computational analysis of the human genome, cell biology and a zebrafish model system to identify DNA sequences that are responsible for turning on genes that cause inherited peripheral neuropathy. Her studies will provide a better understanding of peripheral neuropathies and key reagents for developing therapies for this common class of neurodegenerative diseases.

Monkol Lek
University of Sydney/ Massachusetts General Hospital
Research Interest: Biomechanical Engineering
Monkol is researching into the genetic causes of Neuro-muscular disorders that involve progressive muscle weakness. There are currently no effective specific treatments, and only a diagnostic rate of ~60%; thus emphasizing the great need for research into gene discovery and disease mechanisms. This research applies advanced genomics technologies and analysis to improve the diagnostic rate. 

Gita Pendharkar
RMIT / University of Delaware
Research Interest: Biomedical Engineering
Gita has received her PhD from Monash University in Biomedical Engineering and will conduct post doctoral research at the University of Delaware. The research study aims to integrate the robotic active leg exoskeleton developed at the University of Delaware with a wireless gait monitoring system embedded with accelerometers in order to accurately assess the foot movement while training gait in stroke patients. 

Rachel Dreyer   
University of Adelaide/ Yale University School of Medicine 
Research Interest: Cardiovascular Outcomes research
Rachel’s postdoctoral term at Yale University will build upon her interest in understanding why women with heart disease have poorer outcomes. It will particularly focus on the VIRGO study (Variation In Recovery: Role of Gender on Outcomes of Young Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients), which endeavors to explain the three-fold higher mortality amongst young women who experience a heart attack. 
Ling San Lau 
Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane and Royal Australasian College of Physicians/Children’s National Medical Center
Research Interest: Paediatric Oncology
Ling San  has a special interest in paediatric oncology. and a passion for caring for children with cancer. Her research at Children’s National Medical Center endeavors to develop cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) protein biomarkers for medulloblastoma that will aid clinical-decision making. 


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