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Morgan Stanley Pediatrics Fellow
Kathryn Mueller
University of Iowa/ Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Research Interest: Pediatrics
Kathryn’s post-doctoral research will investigate common pathways to learning in language impairment and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. This study is intended to have clinical application for the development of new intervention strategies and service approaches.  


University of Queensland Fellow
Julia Mueller
Ohio State University/ University of Queensland
Research Interest: Sustainability
Julia’s PhD research is developing a waste-to-resource technology for the conversion of carbon dioxide into methane, using waste water as the energy source to simultaneously improve water quality. The outcomes expected include techno-economic evaluations for scale up and investigation of the intermediates during biochemical conversion.



Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Anita Murray
Columbia University/ University of Queensland
Research Interest: Veterinary Sciences
Anita’s PhD research combines animal communication and signal design theory to explain the elaborate structure of song in whales. She uses recordings to investigate if whale song is composed of simple phrases used for long distance communication with males and females, as well as, complex phrases used for short distance communication with nearby females.

Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Maggie O’Haire
Vassar College/ University of Queensland/La Trobe University
Research Interest: Human-Animal Interaction
Maggie's research program focuses on the unique and pervasive relationships that humans have with animals, and how these relationships influence human health, development, and well-being. In collaboration with two Australian universities, she will engage in both research and course development related to human-animal interaction, particularly for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Christopher Laumer
Harvard University/ University of Melbourne
Research Interest: Invertebrate Zoology
Christopher will receive his PhD at Harvard University's Museum of Comparative Zoology, where his dissertation research has focused on the evolution, biodiversity, and genomics of free-living flatworms. He will now embark on a disciplinary transition towards parasitology during a period of postdoctoral research in the Gasser Lab at the University of Melbourne, investigating the evolutionary and functional genomics of bio-medically important parasitic flatworms. 


Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow
Adam Sirois
University of Colorado/University of Western Australia
Research Interest: Physics  
Adam’s PhD research explores the physics of artificial quantum systems – man-made structures that mimic the quantum mechanical behavior exhibited by single atoms and photons. Through collaboration between two research groups, at the University of Colorado and the University of Western Australia, we seek to demonstrate how an artificial atom can be used to interact with and manipulate quantum states stored in high-purity sapphire crystals.

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