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 10th Annual Resident Alien Information Session


One of the American Australian Association's most enduring programs in New England, now in its tenth year, the Resident Alien Survival Guide, took place November 12 at the British Consulate. The program consisted of informative and engaging talks by a range of presenters. 

In his welcome, Simon Leeming, New Zealand Consul General to New England, asked who'd not yet been through their first Boston winter and proceeded with tips for newcomers. He then introduced Alan Pampanin, whose sense of humour suited the expat audience well, for example, in his description of the typical reception given to visitors to the US at the airport by US Customs officials. 

Arthur Kerr's laconic style made even the driest of topics, the filing of US taxes, engaging to listen to. His presentation itself was short, but generated in-depth questions from the audience and lively discussions. Some of the information he presented, such as reporting on Aussie superannuation, caused the audience to gasp out loud. However, his laid-back style brought a smile to the face of even the most panic-stricken of attendees, who realized she had not properly reported her situation. He began his response with: "Well, it depends how well you can sleep at night..." 

Richard Lozeau, a cross-cultural trainer from Aperian Global with more than 30 years of industry experience, also spoke. When opening up to questions, the first was an Australian who asked: "How do I tell an American that they're wrong?" which led to a discussion about the American expression: "If you fall off the horse get right back in the saddle" to describe the culture of overcoming adversity and moving on. Alan Pampanin offered that the expression should be: "I fell off my horse and it was your fault", to point out though that Americans tend to have a "blame" culture where there is always someone responsible, which met with agreeing nods and laughter among the audience.

Refreshments and meat pies were provided by host Kirsten Chambers, an American Australian Association Committee member, and were enjoyed by all.

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