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J1 Student Work Travel



The Student Work and Holiday program is a pilot program which commenced on 31 October 2007 and operates under the current J-1 Exchange Visitor Program Summer Work and Travel regulations.

The new program initiative enables current Australian and New Zealand tertiary level accredited students to live, work and travel in the United States for up to 12 months as J-1 Exchange Visitors.

Participants must organize their own employment prior to / or after arrival. Job placements can range in length from 3 to 12 months.  Please review in full the following employment restrictions governing this program category - J1 SWT Employment Conditions Acknowledgement Form.   The AAA will provide referral assistance as requested.

To participate in the Exchange Visitor Program (J-1 visa program), prospective student applicants need to apply for sponsorship to an approved organization.   The AAA is a State Department-designated J-1 program sponsor.    The AAA is authorized to issue the Form DS-2019 to selected, screened visa applicants.   Please note that issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility does not automatically assume visa eligibility. Once issued with a DS-2019 Form, applicants must use the form to apply at a US Embassy or Consulate for the J-1 exchange visa. Issuance of the J-1 visa, like all non-immigrant visas, is at the discretion of US Embassy or Consulate officials.

NOTE: Participants cannot be accompanied by their spouse or any dependents.

Program Eligibility

Applicants must be:

  • An Australian or New Zealand citizen;
  • Aged 18 years or older;
  • A full time, class room based undergraduate student enrolled at an Australian university or TAFE college (minimum Diploma level course of 2 years duration) and have successfully completed the first year of study; or continuing postgraduate student completing higher studies immediately following undergraduate study; or 
  • Have graduated from a course specified above within the past 12 months;
  • Purchased approved Medical Insurance for 12 months
  • Demonstrate sufficient financial resources to support yourself (Approx US $1500).

AAA Schedule of Fees

  • Administrative Fee US $800               
  • Individual AAA Membership – Student US $40
  • DS-2019 re-issuance fee (payable only if lost or changes required) US $50

Supplemental Program Costs - not covered by the AAA:

  • Fedex International return service - US $85
  • SEVIS I-901 Fee:  US $35 (US Government online)              
  • MRV Application Fee: US $140 (US Consulate)
  • Visa Issuance / Reciprocity Fee: US $105 (US Consulate)
  • Medical Insurance* Coverage                                                                   
  • Return International Air Fare
  • In Country Travel Costs
  • Accommodation and living expenses (depends on location - budget $900 per month for lodging and $200 per week meals and living expenses)

      * Medical insurance coverage must include, at a minimum:

  • medical benefits of at least US $50,000 per accident or illness;
  • repatriation of remains amount of US $7,500;
  • expenses associated with medical evacuation from the US in the amount of US $10,000; and
  • a deductible not to exceed US $500 per accident or illness.


How to Apply for Student Work Travel

1)   Download and complete the Student Work Travel Participant Application Form 

      2)   Sign & complete the Employment Conditions Acknowledgement Form

3)   Pay AAA application and membership fees (refer Schedule of Fees above)

Note: The application and membership fee is payable in full at the time the application is submitted to the Association.  Payment can be made by:

  •   US drawn check made payable to the 'American Australian Association'
  •   Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) - Payment form
  •   Wire transfer - If using this method, please be sure to include all international
      bank transfer fees into the wired amount. The full payment must be received.

      American Australian Association bank account details:

          Name: Chase Bank N.A.
          Address: 42 Broadway, New York, NY, 10004
          ABN: 021000021
          Account: 530 978 720
          Swift Code: CHASUS33

4)   Collect and attach supporting documents (see required documents below)

Supporting Documents Required

  •   Two character reference letters
  •   Certified copies of each of the following documents must accompany your AAA application
  •   Australian or New Zealand passport – biographic page and all stamped passport pages;
  •   Proof of tertiary enrollment, including completion of first year and ongoing study or graduation certificate
  •   Proof of medical insurance * coverage and purchase receipt
  •   Evidence of sufficient financial funds (at least US $1,500) to cover start up costs

5)   Mail the completed and signed application form with payment and supporting documents to:

J-1 Exchange Program

American Australian Association

50 Broadway, Suite 2003

New York NY 10004

6)   AAA will screen your application. If you are eligible we will issue you with a DS-2019 Form.

7)   After you have received your DS-2019 from the Association you must pay the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) processing fee. This payment must be made before you can apply to a United States Embassy or Consulate for a visa to the United States.  For further information and to pay online please visit

8)   Please check the following websites:
 or if you are living in Australia
for current information on how to apply and pay for a J-1 Visa.  Usually applicants must make an advance appointment to submit the J-1 visa application and attend an interview at the US Embassy or Consulate in your area. 


Note: It is strongly advised that you do not book or pay for airfares or accommodation until after you have received your US visa.


Cancelation Policy


In the event of cancelation the AAA will:

  • Refund US $550 and membership fee if cancelation is requested prior to issuance of the DS-2019 Form;
  • No refund on the administrative fee will be provided after issuance of the DS-2019 Form; however the Association will refund the membership fee in full.


Contact Us


Please email program enquiries to