Rooftop Drinks with AWNY & Sami Lukis

Refinery Rooftop  29-Jul-14

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29-Jul-14 Tuesday

Rooftop Drinks with AWNY & Sami Lukis  

  Tuesday 29-Jul-14 6:00 PM to Tuesday 29-Jul-14 8:00 PM EST Evening Program
 Refinery Rooftop
63 W 38th Street : New York
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6-Aug-14 Wednesday

Great Aussie Rooftop BBQ (at Northern Territory, Brooklyn)  

  Wednesday 6-Aug-14 6:30 PM to Wednesday 6-Aug-14 10:00 PM EST Evening Program
 Northern Territory
12 Franklin Street : Brooklyn New York  mapquest  forecast
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7-Aug-14 Thursday

Theater Trip with AWNY to see The Maids by Jean Genet  

  Thursday 7-Aug-14 6:00 PM to Thursday 7-Aug-14 9:15 PM EST Evening Program
 New York City Center
131 W 55th Street : New York
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19-Aug-14 Tuesday

Sibling Rivalry: Australia and New Zealand Wine Tasting  

  Tuesday 19-Aug-14 6:00 PM to Tuesday 19-Aug-14 8:00 PM EST Evening Program
 The Wine Bottega : Boston MA  mapquest  forecast

15-Sep-14 Monday

American Australian Association's Wine Tasting Dinner 2014  

  Monday 15-Sep-14 6:30 PM to Monday 15-Sep-14 10:30 PM EST Evening Program
 Anassa Taverna
200 E 60th St : New York

24-Sep-14 Wednesday

Australian Short Film Today  

  Wednesday 24-Sep-14 6:30 PM to Wednesday 24-Sep-14 8:00 PM EST Evening Program
: Cambridge MA
  Australian Short Film Today is an annual showcase of the latest award-winning short films from Australia, curated by Susan Talbot AM. ... more at

4-Nov-14 Tuesday

Melbourne Cup in Boston  

  Tuesday 4-Nov-14 9:00 PM to Wednesday 5-Nov-14 0:00 AM EST Night Program
 KO at the Shipyard
Boston Harbor Shipyard, 256... : Boston MA  mapquest  forecast

5-Nov-14 Wednesday

Benefit Dinner 2014  

  Wednesday 5-Nov-14 6:30 PM to Wednesday 5-Nov-14 11:00 PM EST Evening Program
 Cipriani Wall Street
55 Wall Street : New York New York  mapquest  forecast
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26-Jan-15 Monday

2015 Australia Day Boston Dinner  

  Monday 26-Jan-15 6:00 PM to Monday 26-Jan-15 10:00 PM EST Evening Program
  Untitled Document ... more at

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